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        ORACLE RAC 網絡恢復后VIP不回切

        Intermittently VIP Failback does not work after the Network Connection is Restored (文檔 ID 1992370.1)               

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        APPLIES TO:

        Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later

        Oracle Net Services - Version to [Release 12.1]

        Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service - Version N/A and later

        Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service - Version N/A and later

        Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine - Version N/A and later

        Information in this document applies to any platform.


        In a 2-node RAC cluster, perform a VIP failover test. After pulling the public network cable on node 2, VIP of node 2 successfully fails over to node 1 as expected. Reconnect the network cable on node 2. Intermittently VIP of node 2 does not fail back to node 2, it becomes OFFLINE. Manually using srvctl to start the VIP of node 2 works fine. Sometimes it fails back to node 2 successfully without intervention.

        1. Pulling a cable to the public NIC of Node#2

        Jun 9 21:41:29 EVENT START: network_down <hostname> net_ether_01

        Jun 9 21:41:29 EVENT COMPLETED: network_down <hostname> net_ether_01 0

        Jun 9 21:41:37 EVENT START: network_down_complete <hostname> net_ether_01

        Jun 9 21:41:37 EVENT COMPLETED: network_down_complete <hostname> net_ether_01

        2. VIP of node 2 fails over to node 1 as expected:

        Mon Jun  9 21:41:03 KST 2014


        NAME           TARGET  STATE        SERVER                   STATE_DETAILS   



              1        ONLINE  INTERMEDIATE <host>                 FAILED OVER

        3. Reconnect cable to the NIC of Node#2

        Jun 9 21:44:15 EVENT START: network_up <hostname> net_ether_01

        Jun 9 21:44:15 EVENT COMPLETED: network_up <hostname> net_ether_01 0

        Jun 9 21:44:15 EVENT START: network_up_complete <hostname> net_ether_01

        Jun 9 21:44:15 EVENT COMPLETED: network_up_complete <hostname> net_ether_01 0

        4. The Vip of node 2 does not failback, instead it becomes OFFLINE

        Mon Jun  9 21:56:23 KST 2014


        NAME           TARGET  STATE        SERVER                   STATE_DETAILS   



              1        OFFLINE OFFLINE

        5. Using srvctl start nodeapps, the VIP is started fine:

        Mon Jun  9 21:56:38 KST 2014


        NAME           TARGET  STATE        SERVER                   STATE_DETAILS   



              1        ONLINE  ONLINE       racnode2  

        <GRID_HOME>/log/<node>/agent/crsd/orarootagent_root/orarootagent_root.log shows:

        Oracle Database 11g Clusterware Release - Production Copyright 1996, 2011 Oracle. All rights reserved.

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.882: [ora.net1.network][4507]{0:1:17379} [check] ioctl Error

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.883: [ AGFW][2057]{0:1:17379} Agent sending last reply for: RESOURCE_PROBE[ora.net1.network <hostname> 1] ID 4097:790184

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.885: [ AGFW][2057]{0:1:17379} Agent received the message: RESOURCE_PROBE[ora.net1.network <hostname> 1] ID 4097:790187

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.885: [ AGFW][2057]{0:1:17379} Preparing CHECK command for: ora.net1.network <hostname> 1

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.886: [ora.net1.network][1166]{0:1:17379} [check] ioctl Error

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.887: [ora.net1.network][1166]{0:1:17379} [check] (null) category: -1, operation: failed system call, loc: ioctl, OS error: 6, other:

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.887: [ora.net1.network][1166]{0:1:17379} [check] clsn_agent::check: Exception IoctlException

        2014-06-09 21:42:56.887: [ora.net1.network][1166]{0:1:17379} [check] ioctl Error


        When there is no  VIP failback, ora.net1.network status on node 2 shows INTERMEDIATE instead of ONLINE.


        This is reported in BUG 19126172 - FAILBACK FROM NODE 1 TO NODE 2 NOT HAPPENING


        This is code defect, basically when ioctl fails we just re-throw the error this led to the network resource status keeps INTERMEDIATE and prevents vip from failback.


        The Bug 17059927 has been fixed in PSU and Windows Bundle and

        Please apply the PSU or bundle patch where the fix is included.
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